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Welcome to IJDS...

The Interdisciplinary Journal of Digital Storytelling is the only refereed, peer-reviewed multimedia digital journal devoted exclusively to the scholarly consideration of the art and craft of digital storytelling across professions and disciplines.

The Mission of IJDS

The mission of the Interdisciplinary Journal of Digital Storytelling is to provide a forum for considering practice and research centered around digital storytelling across a broad range of disciplines and professions.  Digital Storytelling is being used in the humanities, higher education, k-12 education, and in the business, medical and public health sectors.  This journal provides a venue for practitioners from diverse settings to  share their work.  IJDS content will:

  • Represent both disciplines and professions;
  • Foster collaboration across these disciplines and/or professions;
  • Highlight the broad range of application of digital storytelling techniques;
  • Serve as a repository of research relevant across disciplines;
  • Promote the use of digital storytelling; and
  • Provide an arena for the consideration of the theoretical underpinnings of digital storytelling.

Announcement of first issue

IJDS is pleased to announce that it is now accepting manuscripts for consideration in the publication of Volume 1, No. 1 anticipated for release in late 2010.

Submission deadline for Vol. 1, No. 1

Manuscripts must be received by July 1, 2010, to be considered for the premier edition.  Manuscripts received after that date will be considered for subsequent editions.

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